Tutorials, slide decks, and other materials that might be useful to people getting into computational linguistics, psycholinguistics, or something similar.

Note that slide decks were designed to be used as a visual aid within a presentation and have (mostly) not been modified, so they are not entirely self contained. They are probably best used as a companion to another more comprehensive, bit perhaps more dense, resource. In that case, reconstructing the presentation of each slide is left as an exercise to the reader :)


Neural Networks & Language Processing (Slides, Notebook 1, and Notebook 2). Materials from an LSA 2022 minicourse co-taught by me and Brian Dillon.

Training LSTM Language Models for Psycholinguistics (WIP). A walkthrough (with commentary) of the code used by Gulordava et al. (2018) to train LSTM language models with a focus on psycholinguistic evaluation.

Psycholinguistic Evaluation of Language Models. A tutorial designed for a Computational Psycholinguistics class at JHU CogSci (2018) to introduce the techniques necessary for psycholinguistic evaluation of neural language models.

Slide Decks

Memory and Language Processing. Slide deck from a guest lecture in JHU CogSci’s Computational Psycholinguistics class (2019) on the relationship between models of memory and language processing (ACT-R, Interference Effects, etc.).

Introduction to Language Processing. Slide deck from a guest lecture in JHU CogSci’s Language and Mind class introducing students to the core methods and ideas in psycholinguistics (Competence/Performance, Lexical Priming, Automaticity, Incremental Parsing, etc.).

Variational Inference in ML. Slide deck from a presentation in the JHU CAP Lab Lab Meeting (June 2019) motivating and introducing Variational Inference as a tool for unsupervised learning.